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We are back again and super excited to have two of our all time favorite guests return to the show. First, USA soccer great, Marcelo Balboa returns to talk all things US soccer, the World Cup, his work as analyst, and even recent bicycle kick attempts.  Marcelo is super laid back, intelligent, and has an awesome sense of humor.  Make sure to check out Marcelo on Univision!


Then, the world's heaviest sportswoman, and Scott's secret crush, Sharran Alexander returns in another hilarious interview. We talk sumo, Sharran's recent weight loss, and even dating  Sharran has since retired from sumo, but has all sorts of new fun projects ahead.  


  This is why we love doing this show.  Guests like Marcelo and Sharran make it a real joy making the podcast something special.  Please keep sharing, keep reviewing, and keep listening!

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