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January 17, 2018

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 184-Beakman’s World and the Dig Inn

2018 is looking to be another great year for the show.  First, from Beakman's World, Paul Zaloom joins us for a funny, interesting, and open interview.  We discuss the creation of Beakman's World, puppeteering, college, his unusual success in Mexico, and more.  Paul was an excellent interview.  


Next, Matt Weingarten, the Culinary Director of Dig Inn, joins us to discuss his successful business, the creation of the restaurant, andf the future of the Dig Inn.


Also, Scott fails miserably at a Trump vs MLK game, we learn about Scot's love of cold meat. and the guys submit their picks for their "MeToo" pool.  Just another week on this crazy show.


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