Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guest from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


Today, we are joined by two very unique guests who are passionate about the arts.  First, Aesha Ash, former professional ballerina and head of the Swan Dreams Project, joins us talk about her career in ballet, being accepted by the School of American Ballet, and her work to bring ballet to urban areas and to children who have no access to it.  Aesha was a great interview and is definitely a great rolemodel.  Check out Aesha's work at


Then, we are join by Ringling Barnum and Bailey's last ringmaster, Johnathan Lee Iverson.  Johnathan was is also the first ever, African American ringmaster.  Hear all about Johnathan's thoughts on arts education, his time with the Harlem Boy Choir,and his time spent with the circus.  Johnathan was very thoughtful, smart, and full of energy.  Check out Johnathan's work at 

We also talk terrible Halloween songs, Burlew's role as a toothbrush, and just how gross Hollywood is.


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