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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guests from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


Happy New Year everybody!  After an amazing 2017, we are excited to bring you more unique episodes weekly for that sensual listening experience you've gotten used to.   We start the year with a bang.  One of half of hip hop's, Blackalicious, Gift of Gab joins us on the cast this week.  Gab is a very intelligent, unique, and passionate rapper who has had a great career.  We discuss Gab's early days, his influences, his struggles with dialysis, and his current projects.  make sure to check out his music and look out for Blackalicious's new tour.


Along with the interview, Scott and Mike talk about last year's highlights, Mike's trip to every Christmas land on the East coast, and Scott has a huge personal announcement.


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Another week goes by, and another amazing guest joins us on the show.  The one and only, Matt Pinfield, joins us for an entertaining, casual, informative hang.  Matt is a wealth of musical knowledge, with an insane amount of experience.  You may recognize Matt from his various shows on MTV, "120 Minutes", his podcast, or his plethora of work throughout the world of music.  Make sure to check out Matt and all his work by following him on twitter @mattpinfield  What a fun interview!


We also talk McGregor/Mayweather, standup, and Freddie Mercury's biography.  Make sure to keep following, keep sharing, and most of all, keep listening.





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