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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guests from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


We are back with another really fun episodeof the podcast.  First, we are joined by guitarist and vocalist of long time indie rock band, We Are Scientists.  It's been nearly 20 years since the band's formation. and they continue to push forward with brand new music on their great new album, "Huffy".  We chat with Keith about the longevity of the band, the new album, how time was spent during the pandemic, and even give him a quiz to test his science knowledge.  Keith is a funny, talented, and laid back guy.  Make sure to go check out their new album today!

We also talk about Scott's heating and plumbing nightmare, and then play a new game in which Mike must pick a "kink' that he could see himself getting into.  Another really fun week on the show, Have a listen!

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January 17, 2022

#386-Mackenzie Grant

We have returned to entertain you and so has our guest. Musician MacKenzie Grant joins us as she just announced her return to music after a 15-year break with the upcoming release of her sophomore album Wonder World via BlackBird Record Label. The album was inspired by her time spent over the past decade working as a school counselor in a high-poverty and high-trauma preschool. MacKenzie tells us her original journey in music, her break and coming back, and music life with a family.


We also talk about us cursing celebrities, Spider Man, and hear all about Mike's previous life of being asked to swing, to marry someone for a green card, and possbile entry into the adult film industry.  Oh yes, have a listen.

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January 6, 2022

#385-Nathan Gray

Happy New Year everybody.  Today, we start the year off with a great interview with Nathan Gray, lead singer of the post hardcore/ punk band, BoySetsFire.  Today, Nathan is off and running with his new solo project, with his band The Iron Roses and their new album, Rebel Songs.  We had a great discussion about Nathan's roots, coping with his childhood of sexual abuse, and his creative process.  A truly great start to the new year. 


We also talk about creating an awful search engine, the passing of Betty White and John Madden, and we play a great game where Scott must guess the value of celebrity's Cameo's.

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December 29, 2021

#384-Kendra Erika

Back with our last episode of the year, and we are joined by Kendra Erika, and up and coming pop musician with lots of talent.  Kendra recently released "Gemini" and "Pure Love" on all streaming services and peaked in the Top Ten on the Billboard Dance charts.  Kendra continues to push herself creatively and put out new music.  Have a listen!


We also play our yearly tournament where Scott must choose one celebrity to bring back.  Who will win this year?  Norm?  Hank Aaron?  Dmx?  Find out this week on Verbal Shenanigans.

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Merry Christmas everyone!  We are back with this year's Christmas episode and it's a good one.  We are joined by comedian Mike Sicoli.  Mike and Mike face off in a grueling, 7 round battle to see who can win the role as head elf in a game called "Elf Auditions".  The guys are tested on humor, Christmas history, and the hottest gifts of the holiday season.   Who will win?  Have a listen and find out!

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We know you miss us…sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles. But we are here to entertain, so grab a glass of milk (or nog) and listen to our half-baked show. Tonight we are joined by Steve Lewis, the owner and (best title ever) The Sublime Prince of the Esoteric Order of Cookie for Gideon’s Bakehouse. We ask how a person in comics and graphic design, works on dream of building the best cookie for 15 years, gambles on himself, to become a phenomenon in Orlando. We go over the work to keep up the demand, the amazing goth bookstore designed stores, and becoming one of the hugest draws at Disney Springs. 


We also talk about our experience with hunting, Scott's vending machine and kitten salvaging, and chicken thighs and cakes.  Have a listen!

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We hope to satisfy you over the next 90 minutes. Tonight we speak with Geoffrey Giuliano from the huge international hit Squid Game playing VIP #4. We discuss working on the set, finding out he had a nude scene, the explosion of success, and his thoughts on returning for season 2. We also discuss his music biographies, being the second Ronald McDonald on our show, and being stuck with no money in India for six months. Geoffrey was very animated and was quite a conversation.


We also talk about Scott's sons explosive accident, putting feathers in your cap, and we play a round of "Overrated".

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November 21, 2021

#380-Jonathan Antoine Part 2

Alright Fantoines, we are back with the man himself, Jonathan Antoine.  Jonathan is an amazing opera singer, but an even more amazing guy to talk to.  We sit down with Jon for the second time to clown around, have him answer some ridiculous questions, and talk about his upcoming Christmasland tour and Platinum edition album release.  Once again, we had an absolute blast with Jonathan, and already cant wait to have him on again.  Check it out!


We also get insight into how much Mike loves eggnog, look into Scott's neurotic notes, and play a game where we learn about what a liberal or conservative Thanksgiving dinner looks like.  Have a listen!

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November 15, 2021

#379-Ben Liebsch

We are joined today by the very friendly, very talented, and very cerebral, Ben Liebsch of You, Me, and Everyone We Know.  We talk about so much of Ben's life, which is filled with tragedy and personal turmoil, yet also with many amazing experiences and adventures within the music industry.  Ben and his band have been making music for the better part of the last two decades and are happy to bring their new album, Heavy, to listeners everywhere.  Have a listen as we try to unpack Ben's life and hear all about what keeps him moving forward.  Great interview.  Check it out!
We also talk about Mike's love of a Buc-ee's, delve into more of Mike's god complex, and hear a whole new round of Bear News.  Have a listen!
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November 8, 2021

#378-Bren Holmes

Today, we are joined by Bren Holmes, former bassist of notable Celtic Punk band, Young Dubliners for over thirty years. The Dublin native and long-time L.A. resident is releasing his first solo album, Everything You Never Wanted, arriving on September 17th.  Bren is funny, witty, and very open about his journey in music.  Make sure to check out Bren's album today!


We also talk about Mike's cat trying to kill himself, vet scams, and dive into some conspiracy theories.  Have a listen!



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November 2, 2021

#377-Christos Kalogirou

Were back!  Today, we are joined by the author of a new book entitle Wild Dogs.  Christos was the ultimate prankster during his time at boarding school at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.  Christos's story includes headaches for the faculty, entrepeneurial endeavors, booze sales, and more.  His book has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, USA today, and is an Amazon best seller.  All proceeds form the book are benefiting the Mandi Schwartz Foundation.  Make sure to check it out!


We also talk about where Scott's been the last few weeks, 

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Kids have stories of riding Dumbo, meeting their favorite cartoon characters and super hero’s, and enjoying their favorite rides at their favorite amusement park, but if you lived in NJ there are no better stories than the anarchy, insanity, and list of injuries from Action Park. Tonight, we chat with director and producer of the documentary “Class Action Park” Seth Porges. We dive into the mystique and love from such a dangerous park, balancing the funny moments with real tragedies, his other work, and his tiny house and pinballs. Check out Class Action Park on HBO Max and listen to this interview.


We also talk about Mike's 400th Disney trip, have a special guest, and the art of karaoke.

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October 4, 2021

#375-The Sleeping Dogs

These Sleeping Dogs don’t lie….they thrash. Danny Walker and Bobby Amodeo from the band Sleeping Dogs joins the show to promote their upcoming EP “Somewhere Out in California” releasing on November 12th. The guys talk about starting a new project from their band Wank along with some horribly timed music projects, a vampire musical, and learning more about the band as we play “Who’s most likely to”.


We also talk about an itneresting last conversation Mike had with an old coworker, talk about bathing techniques, and more.  Have a listen!

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September 21, 2021

#374-Eric Zala

Today's guest exemplifies living out your childhood dreams.  We are joined by Eric Zala.  In 1982, Eric and his two childhood friends, Chris and Jayson. decide to create an entire shot by shot recreation of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  14 years later, Steven Speilberg discovered the film.  After 25 years, the cast reunited to complete their film and create the one scene that was missing; the airplane scene.  You can view the film at  You can also check out the documentary, Raiders! Making the Greatest Fan Film of All TIme on Hulu today!


We also talked about the old days of the internet,  Scott's bbq evaluation, and more.  Have a listen!




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September 14, 2021

#373-David Tobin, Audiojack

We are back! An inspiring tool for imagination that is presented by the show you imagine are hosted by two tools. Today we speak with creator and CEO of the AUDIOJACK app David Tobin. AUDIOJACK is an audio-based movie with no words, no video and no music. It consists of hundreds of sounds that are layered together to tell a story for your imagination. We learn the story of creating the app, the work around creating the different stories, and a story of some parents yelling at David. The AUDIOJACK app has been used for schools, dementia, and story writing. Learn about it on our show and then download from your App Store.


We also talk about Mike's adventurous Tennessee vacation, another interesting comedy show, and more.  Have a listen! 

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Welp. We continue to push the show to find unique, passionate guests. This week exemplifies that. This week we venture across the pond to Iceland, with Thordur Thordarson, the manager of the Icelandic Phallological Museum. We learn all about the early beginnings of the museum , it’s visitors from all over the world, and the collection. We also learn all about the filming of the documentary “The Final Member”. A really interesting interview. Have a listen.


We also talk about more terrible comedy shows, a zookeeper comic, Scott embarrassing himself, and we play a new game entitled, "You Don't Know Dick!"

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August 23, 2021

#371-Devin Gordon

A great show for Mets fans…and Mets haters….and possibly may discourage both of them too….yeah it weird but we’ll explain. This week author Devin Gordon talks to us about his new book “So Many Ways to Lose: The Amazin' True Story of the New York Mets--The Best Worst Team in Sports”. We delve into the history of the team, the weird stories of their ownership and name, historical WTF’s of the team, and the best holiday of all, Bobby Bonilla Day. A great chat with a true fan and great writer.


We also talk about the death of Fez Whatley, Patrice O'neal, and Mike's encounter with a shirtless man in a convenience store.  Have a listen!

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August 16, 2021

#370-Dee Snider

We are beyond excited to release today’s episode.
Metal legend, radio star, movie maker, Spongebob character…and now we find out if he can take it from our hosts. The amazingly entertaining Dee Snider comes on the show to promote his latest solo album, Leaving A Scar. We have an in depth discussion on his years of Twisted Sister, honest conversations on the revenues from music, reinventing his career with vocal acting, and a hilarious story of dinner with Marilyn Manson. An incredible artist and and a complete joy to talk with. A must listen.
We also talk about the Field of Dreams game, bad promotion nights in sports, and Scott's vacation.  Have a listen!
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August 6, 2021

#369-Scott Seidenberg

We are joined this week by Scott Seidenberg.  Scott is a fantastic sports radio host who has been heard on ESPN Radio, NBC Sports Radio, and on VSiN weekly.  Scott has climbed his way through the broadcasting world, from intern to producer, to on air talent.  Scott has great insights on the radio business, great sports gambling tips, and has a great sense of humor.  Unfortunately, he is also a New York Ranger fan.  Have a listen!

We also talk about an online beef Mike found himself in, a documentary about a penis museum, and a new network that we are on.  

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August 2, 2021


After a week off, we are back with 4 great guests at once.  We are joined by SZNS, the LA based pop quartet.  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn join us to discuss the formation of their group, their writing process, and what makes them unique.  Make sure to check out their latest singles, "Build a Boy" and "Tequila w Lime" today!

We also talk about Mike's godly abilities, another weird show Scott did, and Mike dealing with a magician during breakfast.  Have a listen!

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