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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guests from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


September 21, 2021

#374-Eric Zala

Today's guest exemplifies living out your childhood dreams.  We are joined by Eric Zala.  In 1982, Eric and his two childhood friends, Chris and Jayson. decide to create an entire shot by shot recreation of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  14 years later, Steven Speilberg discovered the film.  After 25 years, the cast reunited to complete their film and create the one scene that was missing; the airplane scene.  You can view the film at  You can also check out the documentary, Raiders! Making the Greatest Fan Film of All TIme on Hulu today!


We also talked about the old days of the internet,  Scott's bbq evaluation, and more.  Have a listen!




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September 14, 2021

#373-David Tobin, Audiojack

We are back! An inspiring tool for imagination that is presented by the show you imagine are hosted by two tools. Today we speak with creator and CEO of the AUDIOJACK app David Tobin. AUDIOJACK is an audio-based movie with no words, no video and no music. It consists of hundreds of sounds that are layered together to tell a story for your imagination. We learn the story of creating the app, the work around creating the different stories, and a story of some parents yelling at David. The AUDIOJACK app has been used for schools, dementia, and story writing. Learn about it on our show and then download from your App Store.


We also talk about Mike's adventurous Tennessee vacation, another interesting comedy show, and more.  Have a listen! 

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Welp. We continue to push the show to find unique, passionate guests. This week exemplifies that. This week we venture across the pond to Iceland, with Thordur Thordarson, the manager of the Icelandic Phallological Museum. We learn all about the early beginnings of the museum , it’s visitors from all over the world, and the collection. We also learn all about the filming of the documentary “The Final Member”. A really interesting interview. Have a listen.


We also talk about more terrible comedy shows, a zookeeper comic, Scott embarrassing himself, and we play a new game entitled, "You Don't Know Dick!"

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August 23, 2021

#371-Devin Gordon

A great show for Mets fans…and Mets haters….and possibly may discourage both of them too….yeah it weird but we’ll explain. This week author Devin Gordon talks to us about his new book “So Many Ways to Lose: The Amazin' True Story of the New York Mets--The Best Worst Team in Sports”. We delve into the history of the team, the weird stories of their ownership and name, historical WTF’s of the team, and the best holiday of all, Bobby Bonilla Day. A great chat with a true fan and great writer.


We also talk about the death of Fez Whatley, Patrice O'neal, and Mike's encounter with a shirtless man in a convenience store.  Have a listen!

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August 16, 2021

#370-Dee Snider

We are beyond excited to release today’s episode.
Metal legend, radio star, movie maker, Spongebob character…and now we find out if he can take it from our hosts. The amazingly entertaining Dee Snider comes on the show to promote his latest solo album, Leaving A Scar. We have an in depth discussion on his years of Twisted Sister, honest conversations on the revenues from music, reinventing his career with vocal acting, and a hilarious story of dinner with Marilyn Manson. An incredible artist and and a complete joy to talk with. A must listen.
We also talk about the Field of Dreams game, bad promotion nights in sports, and Scott's vacation.  Have a listen!
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August 6, 2021

#369-Scott Seidenberg

We are joined this week by Scott Seidenberg.  Scott is a fantastic sports radio host who has been heard on ESPN Radio, NBC Sports Radio, and on VSiN weekly.  Scott has climbed his way through the broadcasting world, from intern to producer, to on air talent.  Scott has great insights on the radio business, great sports gambling tips, and has a great sense of humor.  Unfortunately, he is also a New York Ranger fan.  Have a listen!

We also talk about an online beef Mike found himself in, a documentary about a penis museum, and a new network that we are on.  

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August 2, 2021


After a week off, we are back with 4 great guests at once.  We are joined by SZNS, the LA based pop quartet.  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn join us to discuss the formation of their group, their writing process, and what makes them unique.  Make sure to check out their latest singles, "Build a Boy" and "Tequila w Lime" today!

We also talk about Mike's godly abilities, another weird show Scott did, and Mike dealing with a magician during breakfast.  Have a listen!

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July 20, 2021

#367-Porter Mcknight 2.0

We are back with one of our favorite returning guests,  Porter McKnight of the massively successful heavy rock, metal band, Atreyu.  Porter is a really genuine and unique guy who is passionate about not just his music, but his photography.  We talk about how his time during the pandemic was spent, the new Atreyu album, and Porter's awesome photography project with fans called the "The Photo Odyssey.  Make sure to listen to Atreyu's new album, "Baptize" today.  


We also talk about cold meat, a strange producer Scott is dealing with, a poorly cooked meal, and our personal eating habits.  Have a listen!

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July 12, 2021

#366-Charlie Huhn

This show continues to provide amazing experiences to talk to some of the most unique people.  Today, we are joined by Charlie Huhn, current frontman and guitarist or the long time rock band, Foghat.  Charlie has done it all, from his early beginnings with Ted Nugent, to his days with Humble Pie, and now over 20 years with Foghat.  Charlie was extremely kind, funny, and full of so much musical insight.  Foghat is set to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a band and release their latest live album, "8 Days on the Road".  Have a listen!

 We also talk lots of nonsense, including Mike apparently being a god, middle aged women not able to behave at comedy shows, and we play a game where we learn about some amazing sports con artists.  


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Now I know it has been a whole week since we’ve been with you, and your go through some emotions, but we have a guest here that’s here to talk you down. Scott Tillema has worked with Chicago police department and an FBI trained hostage negotiator. We discuss the road to doing negotiations and his reasoning to go into the field, the techniques in dealing with these situations, and his work now in teaching organizations how to use these technique principles to enhance their work. Scott was very informative and fun to speak with, so take a breather, let all the fans in the room free, and check out this interview.


We also talk about Cosby, a skeptical comic, and more.  Have a listen!

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June 28, 2021

#364-Ryan Key

The great guests continue to come. Today, we are joined by Ryan Key, former lead singer and frontman of the massively successful band, Yellowcard.  Ryan has done it all in music and continues to push himself with his new electronic project, Jedha.  We discussed all things writing, inspiration, starting over creatively, and pushing artistry to try new things. Check out Jedha now, and also tune in to see Ryan live  on Twitch every Monday through Friday from his studio.  What a great chat!


We also talk a whole lot of nonsense this week, such as taking kids to the beach, the need for dumb conversation, and the outrageousness of modern weddings.  Oh yea, and Mike's a pilgrim.  


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June 24, 2021

#363-Kirby Chambliss 4.0

After an epic week of interaction with the opera world, we are back with one of our favorite returning guests, Red Bull pilot, Kirby Chambliss.  We love bringing Kirby on every year or so to talk all things flying, new happenings in the world of Red Bull, and what ridiculous stunts Kirby is working on.  If you've never seen what Kirby does, simply type "Catch Kirby" into Youtube and sit back and enjoy.  Always a pleasure.


We also talk about our week with the Fantoine's, learn about other fanbases, and bore the audience with sports talk.  Have a listen!

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June 14, 2021

#362-Jonathan Antoine

We have a great one for you this week.  We are joined by classically trained tenor, Jonathan Antoine.  Jonathan exploded onto the music scene after his amazing performances on Britain's Got Talent, where he shared his amazing opera voice with the world.  Jonathan is a sweet, funny, down to earth guy.  We discussed all things opera, how opera can generate new audiences, how to practice opera, Jon's televison experience, and even share a story about Jon being stopped at an airport for being radioactive.  Go check out Jon's music today.


We also discuss doing comedy in a downpour, outdoor shows, and our thoughts on the new Marvel shows.  

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This episode Shines... Ok, that was terrible, but this interview is not.  We are joined by the guitarist of long time rock band, Collective Soul, Dean Roland.  We talk all things music with Dean, along with staying creative during the pandemic, what goes into a large tour, playing Woodstock, and Collective Soul's new music.  Go check out Collective Soul's new music along with their upcoming tour with Styx. Have a listen!


We also have a very bizarre episode as we are recruited by a radio station in Mississippi or Luxenbourg,  we talk officiating a wedding, and a strange interaction with a coworker.  

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Back again, with Frank Meyer, of the long time LA punk band, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs.  The Cheetahs have been making music together for decades, but are finally returning with a new album entitled, "One More Drink" after 20 years.  Frank was a hilarious guy, with tons of great stories and music insight.  We discuss playing music in the pandemic, reuniting with the Cheetahs, drinking, and even learn about Frank playing music from Schoolhouse Rock.  Go check out the new album today!


We also talk about cheating on tests, an odd facebook post from Burlew 12 years ago, and Burlew tries to track down the key witness to his volleyball fart.

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May 24, 2021

#359-Dr. Mark Nelson

As most of us are finally getting to go out and experience the world again, we decided to chat with someone who volunteered to lock himself away for multiple years. Dr Mark Nelson joins us to talk about the Biosphere 2 project that had eight scientists living in an enclosed environment for two years. We dive into the environmental study, the work put into constructing the dome, and thoughts looking back on the project.....and the Paulie Shore movie. You can read more by reading Mark’s book, Pushing Our Limits : Insights from Biosphere 2, after you check out our interview.


We also talk about upcoming shows, wedding officiating, old school snacks, and Burlew's cakes being shut down.  Have a listen!

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May 17, 2021

#358-Jason Forthofer

A couple of inspirational quotes to get you in the mood for today’s episode.

“People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes” Pauline Phillips
“FIRE!!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!” Beavis

Today we speak with Jason Forthofer, who does scientific research and study on the spread of wild land fires for the US Forest Service. We pick Jason’s brain on the work he does on tracking fire patterns, the dangers he and his fellow firefighters face, explain what a “fire tornado” is, and even the politics of natural disasters. We dive into the seriousness of these phenomena’s, and then did are usual thing asking about his bonfire skills and best Hollywood movies.


We also talk about a bar fight league, a story about Scott's truck rolling down a hill, and play a game involving some amazing mothers.

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This week, we decided to revisit 2 of our favorite interviews done on the show over the years, a greatest hits podcast if you will.  We take a look back at our interview with America's Most Wanted's John Walsh, and his son Callahan.  Then we also go back and check out our time with Double Dare and the Food Network's, Marc Summers.  Have a listen!

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May 3, 2021

#356-Maia Sharp

We are back with another amazing musician on the cast.  Known for writing tracks for the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Lisa Loeb, Trisha Yearwood, and Art Garfunkel, Maia Sharp joins us to chat about music, her writing style, and to share songs from her upcoming solo album, Mercy Rising. Maia provided a great interview, and even played us a few songs.  Go check out the album on May 7th!
We also talk about being to old to to trick or treat, some classy fart stories, and what celebrities we could box.  Have a listen!
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April 26, 2021

#355-Joe Bob Briggs

Drive in totals for tonight’s episode “No dead bodies. One special guest. Two awkward hosts, 30 minute conversation. No breasts. Probably some aardvarking with one host in an old bed. Stupid talk-fu. Dehumidifier-fu. 5 stars. Check out this podcast”.

Tonight we chat with movie host and film critic Joe Bob Briggs. We discuss his career with his love of B-Movies, to building the persona of Joe Bob in print, to moving the character on TV and to stage. We discuss the horror genre, the move from movie hosts on television, and why he never won a cable Ace award. Tune in to season 3 of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder after you enjoy this interview.



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