Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guest from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


Happy Halloween!  We are back with this year's edition of the Halloween Spectacular.  This year, we interview Russ Kckamey, the owner and creator of what is considered by many, America's scariest and most extreme haunted house experiences, McKamey Manor.  These events involve a long selection process, hours of extreme horror, with what seems like no limits.  Mckamey Manor is known throughout the world. and proves to be one of the most intense, and controversial experiences around.  Think you have what it takes?  All it costs is a bag of dogfood.


We also talk about 2020 Halloween costumes, stories about people getting rid of their own body parts, and we rewrite some movie classics into horror movies.  Have a listen!

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October 12, 2020

#329-Justin O. Schmidt

The inventor of the pain index finds out if he can tolerate 30 minutes with Scott and Mike. Nobel Prize winner Justin O Schmidt comes to our show this week as we discuss his entomology career and the thought process of creating the Schmidt Pain Index for insect stings. We discuss his research into insects, stories of going through the pain, the media on murder hornets, and his thoughts on people mimicking his work and getting stung on purpose. Check out his book The Sting of the Wild after you enjoy this interview


We also talk about Howard Stern's ridiculous possible contract,  Craig Carton, and play a game of Mt. Rushmore.

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October 5, 2020

#328-Blake BedSaul

Today, we are joined by Blake Bedsaul, frontman of Iowa's atl metal group, Saul.  We discussed everything from the origins of the band, growing up in Iowa, playing in a band with his brother, losing a brother, and working with David Draiman..  Go check out Saul's great new song and video, "King of Misery" and make sure to grab their new album, "Rise As Equals" on October 23rd.


We also talk about the debate, how we tried to impress girls, and all sorts of other embarrassing details.  Have a listen!

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September 28, 2020

#327-Mac Brandt

We are back with a great one.  Finally, another fellow ginger bearded man on the show.  Today, we are joined by Mac Brandt.  You may have seen Mac in various shows like Prison Break, CSI, Arrested Development, and in his hilarious role in Kingdom.  Mac is hilarious, honest, and full of great stories. Go check him out on Netflix's latest hit, Kingdom, today.  


We also talk about baby fears, Mike's homemade formula, and play a game where we look at Mike's various social media groups.  

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September 21, 2020

#326-Tim Russ

Shenanigans....the Verbal Frontier
These are the voyages of two middle aged men
It’s mission : To explore strange new conversations
To seek out new celebrities and interviews
To boldly attempt to call itself a comedy show

Coming to our podcast bridge is Tim Russ. Tim talks about his journey in the Star Trek universe. From taking guest roles in Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and leading towards his role as Tuvok in Star Trek : Voyager, Tim talks about being a fan of the series and the work done in obtaining the role. Hear about his acting career, his music career that had him accepting Howard Stern’s Battle of the Bands, and have a good laugh about a weird note on his Wikipedia page.


We also talk about Scott's experiences with needles, Mike takes a trek on the Murder Trail, and more!  Another great week in the books.

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September 14, 2020

#325-Joanna Going

Back again with another installment of Verbal Shenanigans.  With one of our favorite interviews to date, we sit down with another crucial member of the show Kingdom,  Joanna Going.  Joanna, who plays Kristina, is an amazingly talented actress who is also extremely down to earth, sweet, and funny.  Along with her outstanding performance on Kingdom, you can see Joanna kill it on House of Cards, Mad Men, and more.  Have a listen!


We also talk about what it would take to be nude on camera, what celebrity status we'd be comfortable with, and much more. 

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September 7, 2020

#324-Joe “Daddy” Stevenson

We are back with another classic episode.  Today, we are joined by Joe "Daddy"Stevenson.  Joe Stevenson is a retired American mixed martial artist who has nearly 50 fights under his belt.  Joe, a winner of the UFC's ultimate fighter, has a lifetime of experience in mma.  We talk everything from Joe's early years, his UFC fights, his transition to coaching, and his unique opportunity on Netflix's newly acquired hit show, Kingdom.  Joe continues to coach with the best and continues to leave his imprint on the world of mixed martial arts.  Check it out!


We also talk about some past guests, Lenny Dykstra, and we hear another classic 5th grade story written by Mike.  



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September 4, 2020

#323-Suze Lanier-Bramlett

Today we chat veteran actress and entertainer Suze Lanier-Bramlett. Suze gives us the back story on her storied career from catching the eye of Henry Winkler, to not listening to her agent so she could work with Wes Craven in the Hills Have Eyes, to her thoughts of not being cast as Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company. Suze also goes into detail with her musical career with her husband, as well as her sons, and finding her love of photography before getting back to acting with the Olsen Twins. A story of a person following her passions and living her life that you should enjoy.


We also talk about the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, Marvel Movies, and doing redneck stuff.  Have a listen.

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August 31, 2020

#322-The Sons of Silver

We have a fun one for you today!  We are joined Los Angeles rock group, Sons of Silver.  Sons of Silver are comprised of some amazing musicians, including Candlebox bassist, Adam Kury, Skillet guitarist, Kevin Haaland, and even former Pearl Jam drummer, Dave Krusen.  Combined with keyboardist Brina Kabler and frontman Peter Argyropoulos, Sons of Silver bring a refreshing sound to the world of music.  We talk all things music, writing, the formation of the band, and the band's EP, "Doomsday Noises."  Make sure to check it out.


We also talk about the state of the United States, Salmonella peaches, and amazing ways to dispose of your body when that time comes.  Just another week on Verbal Shenanigans.  Have a listen!

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August 24, 2020

#321-JJ Birden

Today, we are joined by former NFL wide receiver, JJ Birden.  Undersized and undervalued, JJ went on to have a very successful football career with several NFL teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons..  JJ is now a very well respected and successful motivational speaker.  Check him out!


We also talk about the new Batman trailer, who we'd have a road trip with, and talk about shooting guns and why Easter sucks.  Have a listen!

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August 21, 2020

#320-The Black Moods

Today, we are joined by Josh and Chico of the Black Moods.The Black Moods are a rock band from Tempe, Arizona.   They bring a great unique rock sound that appeals to a vast audience.  Their new single, "Sunshine" is out now for all to enjoy.  Chico and Josh were really down to earth, funny, and passionate about music.  Check em out today!

We also talk about modern comedy, annoying audience members, and play a game about fatherhood.  Have a listen!

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I loved this episode.  If you haven't seen Kingdom, which is now on Netflix, you need to take the day off of work, brew a pot of coffee, and start binging it.  Today, we are joined by the creator of the show, Byron Balasco.  Byron was a really great guest.  We discussed the creation of the show, his writing career, the show's casting, and maybe most importantly, the possibility of the show's future.  Kingdom has everything you want from a show, drama, amazing acting, and flawed characters you love to root for and hate at the same time.  Make sure to check it out on Netflix today!


We also talk about Scott's subpar vacation, wives invading bathroom time, Scott rescuing a kidnapped comic, and end with some bear news.  A typical, atypical episode of Verbal Shenanigans.

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Two for the price of 1 tonight on Verbal Shenanigans as we get to know two up and coming artists this week. 


Bill Foster went from teaching and being a superintendent, to an actor, writer, and now producing movies based on his Westerns. Bill tells us how he went from retirement to working on shows like Fear the Walking Dead and working with the Coen Brothers. We chat about his books Showdown at the Brazos and Showdown at the Guadalupe and turning them into movies he’s producing. Check his books out on Amazon and be on the lookout for his winery Quail Whistle Vineyards out of Texas.


Later, we talk with Jean-Pierre Giagnoli founder of the Southern California Paranormal Detectives (SCPD). Jean-Pierre gives the history of his ghost hunting well as discusses his acting, comedy, and DJ careers. We chat about his role in the movie Ford vs Ferrari working with actors like Christian Bale and Jon Berenthal. 

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Oh yeahhhh!  You've heard the Kool Aid Man shout this since you were a child, but today you can hear it shouted on the podcast by the man himself, Frank Simms.  Frank was a really amazing guest with some hilariously entertaining stories.  We chat about everything from being the voice of the Kool Aid Man, to singing with the like of David Bowie and Madonna, to being a voice on Grand Theft Auto.  Frank has done so many neat things, and best of all he is a hysterical interview and great guy.  Check it out!


We also talk about hurricanes, Kingdom, and Mike's wasp battles.  Have a listen..

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Oh baby, do we have a sweet on for you today.  The NHL is back, and with that,we bring in the man who is in charge of sports' greatest trophy, The Stanley Cup.  We chat with Phil Pritchard, the man who is in charge of the safety, the travel, and the traditions of Lord Stanley.  Phil is also the curator for the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Phil share some amazing stories about his travels with the cup, what players have done with it, and where the cup is at now during the pandemic.  What a great interview.  Put on your white gloves and have a listen!


We also hear Mike's amazing theme songs, the Washington Football Team, the Seattle Kracken, and Scott tell's his tales of his first birth class.  

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July 27, 2020

#315-Brian VanDer Ark

For the life of me
I can not remember
What makes us think we were wise and we never compromised
Words we say listening to older episodes, but it fits for tonight’s guest.

Verve Pipe lead singer Brian Vander Ark comes onto the show to talk about the rise of the band and their hit song “The Freshmen”, what went wrong with their second album, his acting career that involved Mark Wahlberg lip synching one of his songs, and making an album with Jeff Daniels. A laid back, fun interview with a talented artist.



We also talk about separating the art from the artist, an annoying potential guest, and the early days of the podcast.  

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July 20, 2020

#314-William Hung

Our guest has made multiple albums, wrote a book, an inspirational speaker, and a gamer.....but yeah we asked him about that song. From an American Idol audition to the spotlight, William Hung has had a heck of life. William tells us the timeline of his audition to overnight fame. We discuss the work he put into his albums, getting to perform with Ricky Martin, when he figured it was time to walk away from singing, and coming back to the stage for inspirational speaking and his new Twitch channel ( ). Yes, we talked about “She Bangs”, but we got the rest of the story too.


We also talk about Scott's outdoor comedy show, getting Mike back into standup, and Mike tells one of the craziest stories to date on the show.  

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July 18, 2020

#-Artie Hoffman, Psychic

If you were our guest, you’d already know what’s happening and be listening. But since you’re our audience we’ll welcome you to another Verbal Shenanigans episode and introduce you to Artie Hoffman. Artie is a medium who has been providing advice and reading for over two decades. The gang find out how Artie became a reader of the future, how he deals with non-believers, reading people over the radio, and if he can read his own future. Check out Artie’s book Angels and Answers on Amazon.


We also talk about poop accidents, more Redskins chatter, and we play a lovely game involving some the classiest women around.  

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July 13, 2020

#312-Bill Lester

As NASCAR is heading into the All Star race, the 8th alternate all stars of the podcast world talk with a former driver on the circuit. Bill Lester, former truck series driver and last full time African American driver before Bubba Wallace, joins the show to talk about his love of racing. Bill talks about his late start into the sport and balancing a full time job and racing. He gives us the story of how he got his tryout into NASCAR, his vibes from the garage/fans in his career, and his thoughts on what Bubba is going through with social justice. We had a great discussion with Bill and look forward to his memoir coming out down the road.


We also talk about the Redskins, the Met's new possible ownership, and Burlew's distain of new pizza.

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July 10, 2020

#311-Wix Patton

For the second time this week, Verbal Shenanigans is taking with a star in the Atlanta Hip-Hop it’s not Burlew!!!! The guys sit down with Wix Patton, a former UGA football player turned music star. We discuss how a night at a comedy club with his teammates pushing him led to him pursuing music, the feeling of hearing his song before a bowl game, the conversation he had with the NCAA, and how he has doubled down on his passion for music. A great interview with a man born with a great hip-hop name, check out Wix’s latest song “Gelato Glued” now and his debut EP “Everything, OK” coming out later this year.


We also talk about ridiculous scenarios on how to receive Patrick Mahomes contract, Scott's unborn child sharing birthdays with Burlew, and reminisce about Burlew's birthday episode.

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