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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guests from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


February 5, 2022

#389-Lawrence Gowan, Styx

As the years have gone by, we continue to talk to musicians that we never thought we'd get a chance to talk to.  Today is one of those days.  We are joined by leadsinger and keyboardist of Styx, Lawrence Gowan.  Gowan has been with the band for over 20 years and continues to entertain Styx's loyal fanbase on the regular.  We chat about everything from what is what like join such an established band, the band's legacy, maintaining the ability to be a front man, and even his role in a movie called Wolfcop.  Yes, Wolfcop.  Lawrence really was a great guest, with lot of insight into the music industry, a great sense of humor,and lots of great stories.  Go check out Styx on tour today!


We also talk about the Washington Comanders, the Brian Flores situation, and Mike reveals some new origin stories for some famous bad guys.  Have a listen!

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I can't tell you how pleased I am with this episode.  Riley Breckenridge, drummer of my favorite band, Thrice, joins us to talk all things Thrice, touring, family, baseball, and more.  Riley could not have been more down to earth and open.  Riley certainly made a lifelong Thrice fan a happy guy.

Make sure to check out Thrice's new album, To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
Later, we talk the Colin Kaepernick situation and play a rousing edition of "Move on or Carry On".  

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