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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guests from all walks of life, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.


July 18, 2020

#-Artie Hoffman, Psychic

If you were our guest, you’d already know what’s happening and be listening. But since you’re our audience we’ll welcome you to another Verbal Shenanigans episode and introduce you to Artie Hoffman. Artie is a medium who has been providing advice and reading for over two decades. The gang find out how Artie became a reader of the future, how he deals with non-believers, reading people over the radio, and if he can read his own future. Check out Artie’s book Angels and Answers on Amazon.


We also talk about poop accidents, more Redskins chatter, and we play a lovely game involving some the classiest women around.  

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July 13, 2020

#312-Bill Lester

As NASCAR is heading into the All Star race, the 8th alternate all stars of the podcast world talk with a former driver on the circuit. Bill Lester, former truck series driver and last full time African American driver before Bubba Wallace, joins the show to talk about his love of racing. Bill talks about his late start into the sport and balancing a full time job and racing. He gives us the story of how he got his tryout into NASCAR, his vibes from the garage/fans in his career, and his thoughts on what Bubba is going through with social justice. We had a great discussion with Bill and look forward to his memoir coming out down the road.


We also talk about the Redskins, the Met's new possible ownership, and Burlew's distain of new pizza.

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July 10, 2020

#311-Wix Patton

For the second time this week, Verbal Shenanigans is taking with a star in the Atlanta Hip-Hop it’s not Burlew!!!! The guys sit down with Wix Patton, a former UGA football player turned music star. We discuss how a night at a comedy club with his teammates pushing him led to him pursuing music, the feeling of hearing his song before a bowl game, the conversation he had with the NCAA, and how he has doubled down on his passion for music. A great interview with a man born with a great hip-hop name, check out Wix’s latest song “Gelato Glued” now and his debut EP “Everything, OK” coming out later this year.


We also talk about ridiculous scenarios on how to receive Patrick Mahomes contract, Scott's unborn child sharing birthdays with Burlew, and reminisce about Burlew's birthday episode.

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July 6, 2020

#310-Nappy Roots

Awnaw.  Hell na.  We done up and done it.  This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Skinny and Scales, of the long time rap group, Nappy Roots.  We had a really great conversation that ranged in topics from the evolution of the group, early rap names, making music in the current environment, and the group's love of making and drinking craft beer.  Skinny and Scales were a ton of fun to talk to, and it certainly comes through in this interview.  Check out their new single "Blind Faith" today!


We also talk about the Redskins name change, Mike's mysterious letter, and Scott's clown aunt.  

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July 3, 2020

#309-Janet Devlin

Happy 4th of July America! However, today we go across the pond to London, to interview Northern Irish singer, Janet Devlin.  Janet is a well accomplished musician who has released several albums, performed all over the world, and finished 5th on The X Factor in 2011.  Janet was a great interview.  In a great open discussion, we touched on Janet's struggles with alcohol, eating disorders, and relationships.  We also discussed her music, her upcoming projects, and even her feelings about John Frusciante rejoining the Chili Peppers.  Have a listen!


We also talked about Scott's new best friend Boris, an old trip to an Ireland emergency room, and play a game involving food challenges.  

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June 29, 2020

#308-Dryden Mitchell

Today, we are joined by Dryden Mitchell, lead singer of the very successful band, Alien Ant Farm.  Dryden was a really down to earth, funny, and interesting guy to talk to.  We discussed the long career of his band, his writing technique, what he is up to during the pandemic, and much much more.  Great chat.  Go check out Alien Ant Farm's latest release of their version of "Everything She Wants."  


We also talk about the world falling apart, crazy sports in Italy and the Congo, and best friends ditching you.  Have a listen!

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June 26, 2020

#307-Luke Aikins

Today, we get extreme.  Well, really we interview a man who takes extreme to a new level.  Luke Aikins joins the show today, and man was he interesting. Luke is a professional skydiver, BASE jumper, pilot, and aerial photographer.  He is also a Redbull athlete.  Oh yea, he is also the first person to jump out of a plane and land without a parachute.  Luke was a terrific interview.  We discuss his skydiving origins, his career, and where his career has taken him.  Great interview.  Have a listen!


We also talk about Scott's old man transformation, social awkwardness, and the future of Halloween.  Give us a follow would ya!



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June 22, 2020

#306-Charles Baker

Boom! Another amazing episode formed out of the ethos tonight.  We are joined by Charles Baker, aka, Skinny Pete of Breaking Bad.  Charles was an amazing interview, and just a downright, genuine dude.  We talk about how he landed the role of Skinny Pete, what is was like to work with Vince Gilligan, his love of acting, and how he is staying motivated during quarantine. Such a blast.

We also talk about an exposed racist Scott went to school with, talking in baby voices, and We once again visit the ridiculousness of Florida.

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June 19, 2020

#305-Josie Cotton

Back again with what has been a tremendous run of amazing guests, with plenty more to come.  And, today is no different,  We are joined by Josie Cotton.  Josie is a singer and songwriter who has made her name with catchy 80's tunes and her love of B-movies.  We talk all things music, writing, and her love of cats and B -Movies.  Check it out!

We also talk about virtual comedy shows, Scott's accident, and Mike's first marathon.  Have a listen!

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June 15, 2020

#304-Kevin Eastman

Oh baby, do we have a good one for you.  If you are  somewhat close to our age, you are probably familiar with our guest tonight.  You may have watched the show over and over again, you may have loved the comics, or you may have slept in those iconic Ninja Turtle bed sheets.  Today, co creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman, joins the podcast.  Kevin was extremely interesting, funny, and humble.  We talk the early days of the turtles, the several generations of fans, the personalities of the turtles, and even a new project, "The Last Ronin".  Such an honor.  Have a listen.  


We also talk about interactions with the police, Covid sports coverage, and the awfulness of the MLB.  Check us out!

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June 13, 2020

#303-Sean Kanan

As the podcast turns, Scott’s wife is pregnant, Mike’s wife is in love with our guest, and Mike is brain dead... at least we think so with some of the stuff he says. On our show, soap opera actor Star Sean Kanan chats with the guys on his new series Studio City. We dive into his early acting playing Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III, the work loads in acting on a soap, and we are joined by Mike's wife, Izzy, as she “fan boys” with Sean on his time on General Hospital. Check out his show on Amazon Prime after listening to our podcast.


We also talk about the quarantine blues, our poorest moments in life, and Zoom calls gone bad.  Have a listen!

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We work hard to come up with the most interesting, entertaining questions on our show. Tonight, we are concentrating on the most asked question of 1998. Singer Dyson Knight of the Baha Men joins the podcast to discuss his music. We learn about his father musical upbringing as an 8th degree obo player, discuss the differences in his solo career and in the band, and of course we chat about the bands huge hit “Who Let The Dogs Out”. Dyson was a delight to chat with and an enjoyable interview to listen to.


We also talk about Scott being at mad at Mike, Scott's first baby appointment, and reflect on what has happened since the start of this show.

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Tonight, we find out if it is harder to last four rounds with our guest or 300 episodes with us. Verbal Shenanigans smashes pass a new milestone with a huge guest. Eric “Butterbean” Esch gives us a few minutes on the show talking about his humble starts going pro while still building mobile homes, his biggest fights in the ring, crossing over from boxing to kickboxing and wrestling, and some of the stuff he has been into after his fighting career.

We also bring on our good friend, former NYPD detective, Tom Verni.  Tom is a really important voice that should be heard.  We discuss everything about the George Floyd case, from what was wrong with the arrest, to the effect it will have on policing and the country.  Tom is a really genuine guy and one of our favorite guests.  Catch him on CNN or on ID discovery.  


We also talk about our idea for a movie called SpaceJail, play a game involving our toughest guests, and celebrate 300 episodes of Verbal Shenanigans.  Thank you to anyone who has supported us along the way.

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May 29, 2020

#299-Ruthie Foster

Today, we are joined by blues and folk singer/songwriter, Ruthie Foster.  Ruthie has been making amazing music for several decades and continues to bring her flavor of the blues to the masses.  Ruthie has been nominated for several grammy's and continues to innovate and create new music.  Make sure to check out Ruthie's latest release, "Live at the Paramount."

We also discuss the horrendous case of George Floyd, play a game involving various heroes and villains, and hear about another weird encounter Mike had on the internet.   

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May 25, 2020

#298-Mike Reynolds

Today, we are joined by Michael E. Reynolds.  Mike is an American architect who is based out of New Mexico. He is well known for his construction and design of "earthships".  Earthships are completely sustainable passive solar houses.  Mike has challenged the status quo  and has gone on to build amazing green homes out of things like tires, bottles, and cans. Mike was funny, unique, and remarkably smart.   Check out Mike and his journey in the documentary "Garbage Warrior."  Go check out an earthship today!

We also butcher English, talk about Covid, and hear all about Mike's grandma stealing his baseball cards.  


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May 22, 2020

#297-Toby Brusseau

The Verbal Shenanigans guarantee we will always entertain and fight to uncover the biggest conspiracies (guarantee voided in most states and countries). Tonight we investigate the flat earth with producer Toby Brusseau. Toby produced the documentary of “Mad Mike” Hughes, who built a homemade rocket to prove the Earth was flat. Hear how Toby got in touch with Mike, the stories on the production of the show, his relationship and thoughts on Mike, and his thoughts on the flat earth theory. We later dive into the tragic second attempt that ended in the passing of Mike. Check out the movie “Rocketman : Mad Mike’s Mission to Prove the Flat Earth” and listen to this interview”

We also talk ridiculous running outfits, the trustworthiness of news, and whether or not The Walking Dead exists anymore.

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May 18, 2020

#296-Jack O’Halloran

We are back!  And today, we are joined by well known former boxer and actor, Jack O'Halloran!  You may recognize Jack from his time in the ring with the likes of George Foreman, his role on Dragnet, or portraying Non in the Superman movies.  We discuss Jack's acting career, his time in boxing, his family's mob connections, and his new book.  Check it out!

We also talk about a really boring interview, learn about a show Scott shortly obsessed over, and we put Burlew to the test on a dickering challenge. 


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May 15, 2020

#295-The Buckleys

Today, we go down under yet again!  From Australia, we are joined by three young siblings who make up the band, The Buckleys.  The Buckleys didn't realize they were entering a contest at a festival and ended up winning. And then they get signed to INXS's label, Petrol Records.  The Buckleys were fun to talk to.  We talked about how they are surviving the pandemic, what it is like playing with your family, their writing process, and more.  They just recently released a new animated video for their song "Breathe".   Go check em out!

We also talk about Mike's mom insisting on waking him up, his parents taking Grandma to see Deepthroat, and Mike tells us a crazy story about a creepy member of the bigfoot community.  Have a listen!

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In these uncertain times, we need to we stay calm and at ease. Let Verbal Shenanigans help you out with by chatting with a murderous clown. Tonight we talk with David Howard Thornton, AKA Art the Clown from the Terrifier movie series. We dive into David background in entertainment, what it’s like on the set of a gruesome horror movie, and  when he realized the popularity of the movie and Art. David was a pleasure to joke around with. Listen to hear about the upcoming sequel as well an amusing conversation on what would Art’s voice sounds like.

 We also talk about UFC, Mike Tyson, hear Mike mispronounce words, and learn about the history of the diaper!

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We have had some great guests this year, so our next guest has some big shoes to fill, or should we say BigFeet??? Tonight’s guest is Cliff Barackman, a researcher from the TV Series “Finding Bigfoot”. Cliff tells us what drew him into the field of Sasquatch exploration. We chat about filming the show and meeting his wife, some of the many adventures he has been on, how close has he come to seeing Bigfoot, and his thoughts on other mystical creatures. Check out our interview and go visit Cliff at the North American Bigfoot Center and museum in Oregon.



Scott also shares a story about an exploding toilet bowl, how he is losing it during the quarantine, and some more of Burlew's amazing inventions.  

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