Verbal Shenanigans is a show that seeks out passionate people. Each week, the guys chat with guest from all walks of live, from artists to athletes, chefs to a hippo attack survivors. Join Scott,and cohost, Mike, for comical banter, funny games, and amazing guests. Life is funny. Laugh at it.

May 11, 2018

Verbal Shenanigans Episode 200-A Sitdown with Big Daddy Gary Goodridge

Holy crap. 200 episodes!  Thank you listeners for all your continued support.  Today, we are joined by the one and only "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge.  Gary was involved in an unbelievable amount of professional kickboxing and mma fights.  We talk with Gary about his UFC career, his time in the ring, and even his time arm wrestling.  We also delve into the dark side of fighting and discuss fighter's health. safety, and Gary's numerous concussions and onset of CTE.  Gary was open, funny, and a genuinely nice guy. 


We also play a game discussing our 200 episodes, do a little "Bear News", and talk about the greatest news story involving the "pooperintendent" .  Here's to the next 200 episode.


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